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Who we are – Food Umbrella

* Please note: With the introduction of the new Food Umbrella™ directory website, once the full transfer of data has taken place this website will eventually be closing down. With all visitors transferring to foodumbrella.com – Thank you


FoodUmbrella as a Social Business

Food Umbrella – a multi-cultural food directory, label and certification service – is first and foremost about choice: providing and empowering all customers with knowledge about the food on sale. By working along with restaurants and other food outlets, we provide establishments with the opportunity to be transparent and directly inform their customers about the type of food they sell, while also ensuring that restaurants and food outlets listed on the directory are always the customers first “choice”. We are a community-centric business that works to ensure that the food eaten by consumers is easily identified as containing high quality standard meat (non halal), halal or kosher. Vegetarian, vegan and Seafood. 

Standardmeat™  Label and certification

Food Umbrella provides a uniform and consistent approach to food labelling across the whole food industry. When displayed along side the Food Umbrella label, the Standard meat label informs customers that standard meat and meat by-products are sold in these food establishments. Our certification simply refers to the secular method of slaughter that is used for the production of all standard (conventional) meat. Halal and kosher food outlets are also featured on our directory, ensuring all dietary needs are respected. Food Umbrella promotes social inclusion and social integration through food. It provides the world’s first truly multi-cultural food directory – catering for all communities in one place. Prior to Food Umbrella, customers had no clear guide as to what type of food restaurants, takeaways and other types of food outlets were selling and in an increasingly multi-cultural society a need exists to embrace and cater for all. Food Umbrella places the customer at the heart of everything we do and is committed to promoting friendship and discussion through food. 

What is a Standard restaurant or food outlet ?


Standardmeat: Completing the circle!


Figure 1 Gap in Food Chain (excludes many people)

Figure 2 Completed Food Chain (open to all)


The gap that existed in the food chain prior to Standard meat certification and labelling, resulted in a reduction of customer choice and an increase in customer uncertainty. This left many customers with little or no knowledge about the food they were purchasing in restaurants, pubs, supermarkets and other types of outlets. The Food Umbrella and Standard meat Labels provide a consistent and uniform approach to labelling Worldwide.

The introduction of  the Standard meat certification and label completes the circle by providing all customers with the opportunity to make an informed choice about the food they purchase. Combined with the labelling of halal and kosher food, standard meat labelling provides the much needed third food label ensuring that all communities’ dietary needs are not only represented but also fully respected.


Covering all dietary needs

Food Umbrella - multi-cultural food label and directory is founded on the principles of social inclusion, social integration and the importance of respect for all communities dietary requirements.


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