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Standard non halal restaurants, pubs & hotels

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Standard non halal restaurants, pubs & hotels

Standard Restaurants (including non halal restaurants)

The Standard meat Label

The Standard meat Label provides a uniform and consistent approach to food labelling across the whole food industry. Our Label informs customers that only standard meat and meat by-products are sold in restaurants and other food outlets displaying it. Standard meat certification – simply refers to the secular method of slaughter that is used for the production of all standard (conventional) meat.

* With the introduction of the new Food Umbrella™ directory website, once the full transfer of data has taken place this website and blog will eventually be closing down. With all visitors transferring to foodumbrella.com – Thank you

**Please note: The term standard (conventional) meat is the correct term to use. The term ‘non halal’ used on its own, due to the different halal meat production methods employed can be very misleading and is not a satisfactory term. You can find all types of restaurants and food outlets selling; standard meat (including non halal), vegetarian, vegan, halal or kosher at Food Umbrella.

***Current proposals to label all meat as either stunned or non-stunned will cause even more problems and reduce the consumers overall levels of both knowledge and choice about the food they eat. The Food Umbrella will continue to ensure that restaurants and food outlets are transparent, providing their customers with an informed choice. Along with listing Standard meat we also list kosher meat and the different types of halal meat available in the UK today including; Non-stunned halal, pre-stunned halal and mechanically produced halal meat. This type of halal meat is regularly sold in the UK as standard meat and the EU proposals will result in more of this type of meat being sold with the everyday or default meat being either pre-stunned halal or mixed meat.

Access to Meat Suppliers and Our Certification Service

One of our main goals is not only to classify restaurants, pubs, hotels and other food outlets as either  standard, halal or kosher. We are also committed to promoting and upholding individual personal choice, the right to know and food harmony for all communities. Food Umbrella needs access to companies meat suppliers, to enable us to provide third party validation of an establishments meat supply and we particularly need the assistance of customers to encourage establishments to not only verbally confirm their food origin, but also to respect customers rights and to upgrade to fully certified membership of Food Umbrella. (Displaying our window label and in-store certificate)

The Support of Customers

Food Umbrella operates impartially, we never tell anyone where or what to eat, but rather provide information and choice allowing the individual to choose what type of food they require or establishment to visit. Treating everyone with dignity, respect and building trust is of crucial importance to Food Umbrella.

We are always open to new ideas and suggestions from both the owners of food establishment and the general public and positively encourage you to contact us by email with your thoughts. info@foodumbrella.com

Inaccurate or misleading information

As a growing social business we are working hard to achieve our aims. Establishments that provide us with inaccurate or misleading information are always eventually identified. We simply ask for honesty and integrity from all. Customer loyalty is of prime important to restaurants and other types of food outlets and in return for that loyalty customer require transparency, knowledge and choice.      

Please Support us by insisting on the Food Umbrella and Standard meat Labels

Food Umbrella classification

While halal and kosher restaurants that are fully certified and labelled are positively encouraged to advertise on the Food Umbrella directory; only outlets that sell standard meat (eg. non halal restaurants) can become fully certified, with an option to display the Standard meat label and in-store certificate. This is due to the fact that the Halal and Kosher industries have their own certifying bodies that require a properly informed member of their religion to carry out the process in a fitting manner, which is outwith the remit of Food Umbrella. A halal or kosher outlet that has been certified by another duly recognized body can and will be listed on Food Umbrella as ” Halal or kosher certified” while others for whom the meat source is not 100% confirmed by third party validation will be listed as “verbally” confirmed.

Non halal dining, kosher dining or halal dining

Our aim at Food Umbrella is twofold, firstly to provide customers with real choice, ensuring that individuals only consume the food that they want to eat. Secondly to provide a competitive advantage, ensuring that restaurants and other food outlets displayed on the Food Umbrella website are always the customer’s first and preferred option.

So whether it’s standard restaurants (eg. non halal restaurants), halal or kosher restaurants, Food Umbrella provides you the customer with the freedom to choose.



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