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List of Restaurant Groups – Blog

Restaurant groups

List of Restaurant Groups – Blog

Restaurant Groups: Menu information

This information is supplied by Food Umbrella for the benefit of both customers and the hospitality/food industry. It contains information not only on restaurant groups but also pubs, hotels and any other type of national food suppliers. The information will be regularly updated and both customers and food suppliers are encouraged to contact Food Umbrella with any additional information or comments; info@foodumbrella.com  Companies can easily update the information held by Food Umbrella (eg. change of food policy or suppliers) by phone or email.

One of Food Umbrella’s aims is to provide customers with easy access to information regarding the food on sale throughout the UK. We focus on and highlight each groups individual restaurant, pub or hotel chains. Food Umbrella promotes social inclusion and social integration through food. It provides the world’s first truly multi-cultural food directory – catering for all communities in one place. As a social business we believes that private enterprise, including food outlets should be an integral part of positive social change. So why not check what’s on the menu; Standard meat and food prepared using the secular methods of slaughter for Standard (conventional) meat production, vegetarian, vegan, kosher or halal – something for all dietary needs.

This list not only provides customers with important dietary information but also ensures that individual restaurant groups have the opportunity to ensure that their customers’ dietary needs are fully respected. Food Umbrella enables restaurant groups to be transparent and open about the food sold.

The list of Restaurant Groups advertised on the Food Umbrella Directory are continually being updated and within this listing we also include coffee and pub chains that have sit-in or dining facilities, as well as other types of nation-wide food outlets that may be of interest to both British customers and international visitors.

Below is a list of Restaurant Groups* that enables you to find restaurants, pubs and other types of food outlets that match not only your own dietary needs but also those of your family and friends. You can also visit the Food Umbrella Directory to find information about individual restaurants and other types of food outlets across the UK. When you click on a restaurant group you will be transferred to food outlets, that provide details on this particular groups individual chains and other similar types of establishments. If no links are currently available this may be due to the fact that some further information may have been supplied, which has still to be verified. Please continue to check at a later date as regular updates are made to our listings.

Restaurant Groups

Shepherd Neame - Meat supply confirmed

Whitbread - Meat supply confirmed

Mitchells & Butlers Meat supply confirmed

Nando’s - Meat supply confirmed

McDonalds - Meat supply confirmed

Burger King – Meat supply confirmed

KFC - Meat supply confirmed

Wagamama - Meat supply confirmed

Prezzo - Meat supply confirmed

Greggs - Awaiting further Information

Subway - Awaiting further Information

Pizza Hut – Meat supply confirmed

Domino’s - Meat supply confirmed

JD Wetherspoon - Meat supply confirmed

Greene King – Meat supply confirmed

Spirit – Meat supply confirmed

Enterprise Inns - Awaiting further Information

Marstons – Meat supply confirmed

Wimpy – Meat supply confirmed

Punch Taverns - Awaiting further Information

Stonegate Pub Company - Awaiting further Information 

MW Eat (The Real Indian Food Group) – Meat supply confirmed

Gondola Group - Meat supply confirmed

TragusMeat supply confirmed     

Fuller, Smith & Turner - Awaiting Information

Orchid Pub Company – Meat supply confirmed

Young’s - Awaiting Information

The Bramwell Pub Company - Meat supply confirmed

The Restaurant Group - Meat supply confirmed

Living Ventures Restaurants - Meat supply confirmed

Carlson - Awaiting Information

Individual Restaurants - Awaiting Information

First Restaurant Group - Awaiting Information

Cosmo Restaurant Group - Meat supply confirmed

Arbutus Restaurant Group - Awaiting Information

Thia Restaurant Group - Awaiting Information

Carluccio’s - Awaiting Information

Gourmet Burger Kitchen – Awaiting Information

Loungers (The Lounges) - Awaiting Information

Brasserie Blanc - Awaiting Information

Di Maggio’s Restaurant Group - Meat Supply Confirmed

Beefeater – Meat Supply Confirmed

Giraffe - Meat Supply Confirmed

* Please Note: This listing is updated regularly and is provided for guidance purposes only. As meat suppliers and purchasing policies can be changed by Restaurant, Hotel and Pub Groups at any time, we advise that you contact individual establishments for further clarification before purchasing any food. Standard (conventional) meat using the secular method of slaughter is the correct term to use. The term ‘non halal’ used on its own, due to the different halal meat production methods employed can be very misleading and is not a satisfactory term. You can find all types of restaurants and food outlets selling; Standard meat, vegetarian, halal or kosher on the Food Umbrella Directory.



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