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Non halal restaurants London – Food Umbrella Blog

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Non halal restaurants London – Food Umbrella Blog

Massive food fraud

Fake curries & excellent non halal restaurants in London


Non halal restaurants in London

Food Umbrella respects all dietary needs and provides customers with a continually growing list of standard meat restaurants (including non halal restaurants) in London and across the UK. We also provide a list of halal, kosher and vegetarian restaurants, something for every dietary requirement.

*With the introduction of the new Food Umbrella™ directory website, once the full transfer of data has taken place this website and blog will eventually be closing down. With all visitors transferring to foodumbrella.com – Thank you

**Please note: The term standard meat is the correct term to use. The term ‘non halal’ used on its own, due to the different halal meat production methods employed can be very misleading and is not a satisfactory term. You can find all types of restaurants and food outlets selling; standard (eg. non halal), halal or kosher meat, as well as vegetarian and vegan food on the Food Umbrella multi-cultural directory.

***Current proposals to label all meat as either stunned or non-stunned will cause even more problems and reduce the consumers overall levels of both knowledge and choice about the food they eat. Food Umbrella will continue to ensure that restaurants are transparent and provide their customers with an informed choice. Along with listing Standard meat we also list kosher meat and the different types of halal meat available in the UK today including; Non-stunned Halal, Pre-stunned halal and mechanically produced halal meat.

For more information about Food Umbrella visit please visit our directory or contact: info@foodumbrella.com

Food Fraud

In keeping with the Food Umbrella’s continual request for restaurants and other types of food outlets to provide customers with knowledge and choice over the food they are eating, another food scandal is emerging. Professor Hugh Pennington a food hygiene expert has been reported in both the Sunday Mail Newspaper and the BBC as stating that “this is worse than the horse meat scandal……This is simply food fraud”

1 in 3 curries sold by Indian restaurants were found to be fake. Of the 129 restaurants tested including those selling popular bhoona and korma dishes, 46 were found to be selling dodgy curries. 33 of these contained no lamb and 13 contained a type of cheap beef.

Mislabelling of meat;

John Sleith , Chairman of the Society of Chief Officers for the Environmental Health in Scotland said “There clearly is a problem with beef being substituted for Lamb. Customers aren’t getting what they ask for but a cheaper, inferior product” while some of the suppliers selling this meat in Scotland have been traced to the Birmingham area reinforcing the problem as a UK wide scandal.

Professor Pennington added “It raises questions not just about food fraud but also other issues. How good are their practices in the kitchen, if they’re defrauding customers – how safe are they in other aspects?” Although their identities have not been released to the public, there are calls for the premises to be named and shamed.

Customers right to know

Food Umbrella continually promotes transparency and a customers right to know what type of food they are eating in restaurants, pubs and other types of food outlets. This recent food scandal has raised religious concerns as Anil Bhanot Managing Director of the Hindu Council UK highlighted in the Indian Express, that “Hindus who may eat meat would prefer not to consume beef as cows are considered sacred in our religion”- especially as it is estimated that around two thirds of UK Hindus eat meat and “it is important that they know what is being served to them.” A customer’s right to know what type of meat they are eating is not only applicable to religious minority groups but also to the British public as a whole. Food Umbrella empowers all customers with choice, by working with restaurants to ensure that everyone’s dietary needs are respected. Food Umbrella as a social business believes that private enterprise, including food outlets should be an integral part of positive social change

Food Umbrella survey

A Food Umbrella survey of over 2000 people revealed that 76% of customers would not re-visit a food establishment that was found to be mislabelling food or deliberately not informing them about the meat they were eating.

While from a random selection of establishments, mainly Italian and Greek Restaurants as well as British pubs, 94% were found not to be keeping the public fully informed about the meat they were eating. This further highlights the fact that customers are routinely being deceived on a UK wide scale not only by a small number of Indian restaurants, but across all sectors of the food and meat industry.

Full disclosure of meat supplies

Food Umbrella helps to address the lack of customer choice, by providing clarity at the point of sale ensuring that all communities are being catered for. It is a requirement of the Food Umbrella membership that all members, disclose full details of their meat suppliers. This provides third party validation of meat supplies and provides customers with knowledge and choice over the food they eat. It is a pre-requisite and a condition of our own company terms and conditions that all Food Umbrella members continue complying with all current and future Government/Industry standards, in addition to complying with the requirements of the Food Umbrella membership. All members and featured listings have a duty to ensure that customers remain fully informed at all times about the meat they are eating and must never be deliberately misled. Meat must also be sold as stated on the menu- eg. When meat is advertised as beef only 100% beef can be served/sold to customers, and the same rules apply for all other types of meat.

Food Umbrella Directory- Provides a list of restaurants selling Standard meat (which covers non halal restaurants), vegetarian, vegan, halal and kosher restaurants.



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