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Non halal meat & non halal restaurants

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Non halal meat & non halal restaurants

Non Halal Meat

If you are looking for a non halal restaurant, pub, hotel or local butcher and the added assurance that you are being served non halal meat then insist on Food Umbrella™ 

* With the introduction of the new Food Umbrella™ directory website, once the full transfer of data has taken place this website and blog will eventually be closing down. With all visitors transferring to foodumbrella.com – Thank you

**Please note: Standard (conventional) meat using the secular method of slaughter is the correct term to use. The term ‘non halal’ used on its own, due to the different production methods employed to produce halal meat can be very misleading and is not a satisfactory term to describe standard meat. You can find all types of restaurants and food outlets selling; standard meat (including non halal) as well as halal and kosher, vegetarian or vegan food, on the new Food Umbrella Directory

***Proposals to label all meat as either stunned or non-stunned will cause even more problems and reduce the consumers overall level of both knowledge and choice about the food they eat. Food Umbrella will continue to ensure that restaurants and food outlets are transparent, providing their customers with an informed choice. Along with listing standard meat we also list kosher meat and the different types of halal meat available in the UK today including; non-stunned halal, pre-stunned halal and mechanically produced halal meat. This type of meat is regularly sold in the UK as standard meat and the EU proposals will result in more of this type of meat being sold under the misleading stunned label, with the everyday or default meat being either pre-stunned halal or mixed meat.

At Food Umbrella we respects all dietary needs and by providing a certified third food label relating to the origin of any meat or meat by-products sold in restaurants, pubs, food retailers and other food outlets, we help to ensure that all people and communities are being catered for. Food Umbrella empowers you the customer with choice, by working with restaurants, pubs, food retailers and other types of establishments to ensure that your dietary needs are respected. As a social business we believe that private enterprise, including food outlets should be an integral part of positive social change.

Food Umbrella™: The most important directory listing and label for any organisation selling food

Food Umbrella is a unique social business that provides a uniform and consistent approach to labelling across the whole food industry. We also provide a label and certification service throughout the UK for food outlets selling standard (conventional) meat (including non halal). With customers demanding both knowledge and choice about the food they are purchasing, Food Umbrella is now one of the most important directory listing and labelling services for any organisation selling food in the UK today. We work in conjunction with halal and kosher certification to ensure all food outlets are labelled.

We promote social inclusion and social integration through food, while providing maximum transparency for customers concerned about the food on sale – It’s your right to Choose!

Standard meat, Halal or Kosher

Food Umbrella represents all communities, while helping to identify and label establishments or individual food products as Standard meat, halal or Kosher,

More about Standard meat (including non halal)

Only meat that has not been prepared through the halal or kosher methods (whether pre-stunned or non-stunned) can be classified as standard meat (eg. non halal meat). Food Umbrella is also committed to ensuring that the three different types of meat (standard, halal & kosher) are kept distinct, so that everyone is fully aware about the type of food they are eating.

The Standard meat Label is available for any type of eating establishments or individual food products; Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, Schools, Universities, Food Retailers, Butchers, Staff Canteens, Hospitals and Sports Stadiums - you name it, we label it.

*For any further questions or information please contact info@foodumbrella.com


Standard meat – Standard restaurants – non halal meat – non halal restaurants –  halal & kosher restaurants – non halal dining 

                Food Umbrella™ ensuring all dietary needs are respected

  1. sally myressally myres02-08-2013

    Just found your site and would like to congratulate secularfood on not only this post but your website in general – well overdue. Like most people I want to know what I’m eating and as I travel alot I intend regularly using your new directory. Once again – congrat’s

  2. secularfoodsecularfood02-08-2013

    Hi Sally,

    Thank you for visiting our website today and for the positive comments that you have made. You are correct, at Secularfood we respect the dietary needs of all people and we believe in promoting food harmony to ensure that at the point of sale customers know what type of meat they are being served.

    Our Directory is expanding daily and we hope that you will continue to visit on a regular basis. Although we provide certification to secular food outlets only, our Directory lists secular (including vegetarian), halal and kosher restaurants, something for everyone!

    Best regards,
    The Secularfood team

  3. ruparupa07-03-2013

    Yea I fully agree, now days we are more more being forced to eat meat that we have no idea of it’s origin. I too respect that people have certain needs but there are some of us that cannot eat halal due to our beliefs. I am a Sikh and we are not able to order take away from any of our local restaurants because they are halal. Where I the rest of us that choose not to eat halal eat? When we call up to check if a service is halal they will straight away say yes because they think that is what you want to hear, it’s just not on.

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