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Mislabelling of Meat

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Mislabelling of Meat

Mislabelling of meat

Mislabelling of meat - Tests carried out on lamb takeaways by the consumer watchdog Which? found that of the 60 lamb curries and minced lamb kebab takeaways tested (London & Birmingham), 24 were found to be mixed with cheaper meats like chicken and beef, while 7 had no lamb content at all. The meat in 5 of the samples tested, due to it being highly processed, could not even be identified.

This has prompted the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to address the issue by calling for tests to be carried out by local authorities with possible fines of up to £5,000 for those found to be mislabelling meat. These recent tests back up the earlier tests carried out in Scotland which traced meat to the Birmingham area and reinforcing the problem as a UK wide Scandal. Professor Hugh Pennington a food hygiene expert was reported in both the Sunday Mail Newspaper and the BBC as stating that “this is worse than the horse meat scandal……This is simply food fraud.

Recent incidents of pork being mixed with halal meat have helped to highlight the problems that can arise when meat prepared through a secular method of slaughter and meat prepared through either the halal or kosher methods are not clearly identified and distinguished. The horse meat scandal has furthermore focused attention on how possible errors or even criminal activity relating to meat, can affect even the largest and best known food companies. These incidents of food fraud, mixing meat and mislabelling have also helped to reinforce the well-known adage: “never assume”.

Never assume

While the Food Standards Agency and other Government Organisations work to eliminate these meat scandals, other equally important issues relating to the food (meat) that we eat are being addressed at Food Umbrella. We never assume that your tasty Italian or British style meal contains general Standard meat. Equally, we never assume that your meal is fully halal or kosher. Food Umbrella empowers you the customer with choice, by working with restaurants to ensure that your dietary needs are respected. Food Umbrella as a social business believes that private enterprise, including food outlets should be an integral part of positive social change.

It is a pre-requisite and a condition of our own company terms and conditions that all Food Umbrella members continue complying with all current and future Government/Industry standards, in addition to complying with the requirements of Food Umbrella membership. All members and featured listings have a duty to ensure that customers remain fully informed at all times about the meat they are eating and must never be deliberately misled. Meat must also be sold as stated on the menu- Eg. When meat is advertised as beef only 100% beef can be served/sold to customers, and the same rules apply for all other types of meat.

At Food Umbrella we respect all dietary needs and believe in food harmony, the right to know and customer choice. The food you purchase may have come from a restaurant, pub or hotel; it may even be the type of food we all take home on a regular basis from supermarkets and other retail outlets. So is the food you purchased actually the food you want to eat? Whether it’s an Italian restaurant, Brazilian, Mexican or even a traditional British Pub meal. Let’s find out, together!

Mislabelling of meat

It is important for customers to be kept fully informed about important dietary aspects of their food and the inner workings of the food supply chain. Food Umbrella empowers you - the customer with that knowledge. Make Food Umbrella restaurants your first choice.

- For more information about our Food Umbrella and Standardmeat label visit foodumbrella.com

“Food Umbrella is committed to aiding personal choice, the right to know and food harmony for all communities”

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