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Good Restaurants in London – Food Umbrella Blog

Good restaurants in London

Good Restaurants in London – Food Umbrella Blog

Good restaurants in London and throughout the UK

At Food Umbrella we list all types of good restaurants in London and throughout the UK. Indian, Italian, Spanish or even British…but what actually makes a good restaurant? Is it reviews from people you don’t know? Are these review sites actually providing real facts and true judgements or indeed are the reviews actually written by real customers?

How many times have you read reviews about a good restaurant, only to find that your experience does not actually match the reviews? Well most if not all of us have “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt”. This can often be explained by the fact that as individuals we all have different needs and opinions, especially when it comes to the food we eat.

Regardless of the fact that you visited a good or not so good restaurant all have something in common, in both types of establishments you don’t actually know what you’ve eaten. Did it match your dietary needs? To some people food is just food and they’ll eat anything! To many other people knowing what you are actually putting into your mouth, or feeding to your family and friends is of the highest importance.

How many people would buy an expensive car and on its first service tell the garage owner that he can use any old oil and parts in your new car? You just don’t care! Really it just does not happen, yet our health, bodies and personal dietary needs are more important than any car. We are what we eat and all of us have the right to know everything about the food we are eating.

Food Umbrella empowers you the customer with choice, by working with restaurants to ensure that your needs are respected. We believe that private enterprise, including food outlets should be an integral part of positive social change. We all want to eat good food in good restaurants and here at Food Umbrella we ensure that your dietary needs are being catered for.

Our Food Umbrella directory provides only real customer reviews, but most importantly we keep you informed about the origins of the food you are eating. Food consisting of Standard (conventional) meat using the secular methods of slaughter, vegetarian, vegan, kosher or halal. We don’t tell you what to eat, we just provide you with knowledge, the choice is ultimately yours.

Our directory provides a continually growing listing of restaurants, pubs and other types of food outlets with new listings being added daily. We need your help and support to grow, so insist on your right to know what your eating and insist on a Food Umbrella label.

The Standard meat Label

*Please note: Standard meat employing the Secular method of slaughtered is the correct term to use. The term ‘non halal’ used on its own, due to the different halal meat production methods employed can be very misleading and is not a satisfactory term.

                     Food Umbrella ensuring all dietary needs are respected


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