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Standard meat Certification

How to become Standard meat Certified

The Standard meat window label is displayed alongside the Food Umbrella label on all restaurants, pubs, butchers and other types of food outlets that sell standard meat.  

Standard meat certification and membership enhances the marketability of restaurants, food outlets and individual food products. Our purpose is to strengthen and develop bonds between meat suppliers, food outlets and customers. This is achieved by providing a label and certification service throughout the UK for all types of establishments selling high quality standard meat (non halal) and food products. Standard meat certification is designed for any restaurant, pub or food outlet that sells standard meat. Certification for both halal and kosher food is already provided by each communities own certifying bodies.


What type of food do Standard certified restaurants and food outlets sell?

At the point of sale certified outlets sell:

  • Food containing standard (conventional) meat and meat by-products
  • • Standard (conventional) meat – Butchers and meat suppliers
  • • Vegetarian and/or vegan food
  • • Seafood

* Separate halal or kosher option menus can also be provided by Standard restaurants and other types of food outlets. Please contact the Food Umbrella for more details:  info@secularfood.com


The Standardmeat  Label and certification 

When displayed, the  Label and Certificate informs customers that standard meat and meat by-products are sold in these food establishments. The Certification process simply refers to the secular method of slaughter that is used for the production of all standard (conventional) meat.

The Food Umbrella ensures all dietary needs are respected and that customers can make an informed choice at the point of sale. We also provide the choice of a free listing, featured listing or fully certified membership for standard (conventional) restaurants and food outlets.

On a consumer level, and as a social business our Standard meat certification empowers all customers by simplifying and enhancing their food purchasing experience. As a result this enables restaurants to be transparent about the food they sell, attracting more customers, while encouraging them to spend more on food that matches their personal dietary needs. Learn more about the extensive benefits of certification and a FoodUmbrella directory listing.


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Process for all types of Standard restaurants, pubs and other types of food outlets

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