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Benefits of Certification and a Featured Listing

Why Label and feature your restaurant or food outlet?

A featured Food Umbrella directory listing and window label enhances your restaurant or food outlet’s visibility and reach both online and offline. It also ensures that customers are provided with maximum food transparency, knowledge and choice.

Food Umbrella

We label all types of establishments that sell or supply food including; - Restaurants, pubs, food retailers, hotels, universities, schools & hospitals , butchers & meat suppliers, private clubs, pop-up restaurants & street food, work canteens, airports & on-flight food, sporting & entertainment venues.

Benefits include:

  • Have the right to display the Food Umbrella Label (and if applicable the accompanying Standard meat Label)
  • A featured listing on the first truly multi-cultural food Directory
  • Membership of an organisation that respects and embraces all dietary needs
  • Promoting your establishment and brand as transparent and trustworthy
  • Being seen by customers as a restaurant or food outlet they can trust and rely on
  • Join an organisation that promotes and upholds what’s good about the food industry, placing the customer first
  • Customers immediately informed if the food on sale contains standard, halal or kosher meat. Vegetarian or vegan food
  • Customers provided with the opportunity to make an informed choice, about the food on sale
  • Food Category(s):
  • Standard, halal or kosher meat – Standard meat with halal/kosher options – Vegetarian, vegan or seafood
  • Local Area Development Managers available to assist you at any time
  • Provide your customers with the highest level of food transparency
  • Membership significantly reduces the chance of customer doubts and conflicts over meat and food supply’s
  • Customers know what type of food they are eating at the point of sale
  • Maximum exposure from targeted online customer searches
  • Featured listing provides around 8 x more views than free listings
  • Promotion through the Food Umbrella’s continually growing social media channels
  • Links directing traffic to your own website and social media
  • Increased SEO rankings
  • All customers dietary needs represented on our multi-cultural directory
  • Customers can also check restaurants and food outlets online via our Food Umbrella directory
  • Advertise your own events/promotions and activities
  • Add your own write-up or one of our writers can do it on your behalf
  • Add multiple photographs of your restaurant or food outlet
  • Add a short video for maximum impact
  • Attract targeted and contented customers looking for the type of food you sell
  • All for the incredibly low price of less than 55p per day



Additional benefits only available to Certified restaurants, pubs and food outlets selling Standard (conventional) meat:

  • The right to display the individual Standard meat Label on your establishment’s window
  • • Display the Label that restaurants and customers want
  • • The Individual Standard meat Label combined with the Food Umbrella label, provides maximum on street exposure
  • • Standard meat certificate for in store display, visually shows third party validation of your meat supply(s)
  • • Increased credibility of being a certified Standard meat restaurant or food outlet
  • • The right to display the individual Standard meat Label on your website and sales material
  • • Customers know immediately which restaurants and food outlets sell standard (conventional) meat
  • • Combined with the Food umbrella Label and benefits of a featured listing; all for under 55p per day
  • • A first class service for around the cost of a second class stamp!
  • • Every membership assists Mary’s Meals in providing daily meals for some of the worlds poorest children

For more details contact the Food Umbrella or Your local Area development Manager

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